JRuby Enterprise Support

Everything from Professional Support

All the features of JRuby Pro Support!

Email and video, audio, and text chat support

A direct line to JRuby developers in the medium that works best for you and your team.

Priority Bug-fixing

Your issues will be first in line, getting core JRuby developer attention quickly so you can keep moving forward.

Debugging and Profiling Assistance

When you run into tricky bugs or performance bottlenecks, you'll be able to call on core JRuby developers for assistance. With twenty years of experience, we'll help make sure your application behaves and performs as well as JRuby can run it!

Consulting Services

For more hands-on assistance, you can hire developers from Headius that will deliver fast results for your application. Enterprise Support entitles you to discounted consulting services tailored to your needs.

Prices per production CPU core, with discounts for yearly billing